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What Are the Advantages of Processing Products by ​Roll Forming Machine?
What Are the Advantages of Processing Products by ​Roll Forming Machine?

What Are the Advantages of Processing Products by ​Roll Forming Machine?

Metal roll forming machine processing originated from abroad, and later roll forming technology was introduced to China. Because of the many advantages of this production method, roll forming processing of metal profiles has been widely used, and has been used in many industries, especially the most widely used in the construction industry. Because of the large-scale application of metal mold villages, a large number of roll forming machine manufacturers have also spawned.

At present, our roll forming technology has also been rapidly developed, and the design and manufacturing level is in line with international standards. With the backing support of equipment manufacturers, the method of rolling forming processing has been developed by leaps and bounds, and the advantages brought by the rolling forming machine are more obvious. Next, let's talk about the advantages of roll forming processing methods?

Ⅰ. High efficiency of roll forming machine process 

Roll forming machine improve efficiency by labor-saving, process-saving and mass production. In our daily life, we generally see that the processing method of metal profiles is realized by bending machines, while for the large-volume profiles, the bending method requires a lot of labor and multiple bending processes to produce products.

The roll forming machine method solves the problems of labor-consuming, time-consuming, and slow processing efficiency. Most of the profiles can be mass-produced by designing the corresponding production equipment, and only one equipment is needed. One worker can complete things that used to require multiple workers and multiple processes. Increased efficiency can also save a large number of employees' salaries for the company, and enable the company to streamline its personnel and have an absolute competitive advantage in market competition.

Ⅱ. The low cost and short production cycle of roll forming machine

The production cost of general roll forming machines is low, small and simple, only a set of 20,000 to 30,000 yuan, or about 10,000 yuan, depending on the complexity of the equipment, and many manufacturers for simple equipment, within one month The equipment can be produced, and the equipment production cycle is very short.

Ⅲ. Flexible application of roll forming machine

Roll forming machine processing can flexibly manufacture production equipment according to products of different cross-sections. Generally speaking, a profile of a shape needs a set of equipment to produce, of course, there is also a set of equipment that can produce products of multiple models and specifications. In short, a set of rolls is generally used to produce a product of one specification. For those equipment that can produce multiple products in one set of equipment, the rolls are replaced in some ways, or the rolls are designed to be adjustable, but the cost of such equipment is relatively high.

Many shapes of profiles can be produced by manufacturers of roll forming machine equipment, and multiple auxiliary processing can be concentrated on one production line, which greatly reduces production links, saves the number of workers, and improves production efficiency.

Ⅳ. The high yield of roll forming machine

Roll forming machine processing does not waste raw materials and has high yield. The raw materials produced by the roll forming machine are all divided into specific sizes by the slitting machine, there will be no unnecessary waste, the conversion rate of the finished product is very high, and the raw materials produced by the slitting machine are accurate in size, and there is basically no scrap.

Ⅴ. The convenient maintenance of roller forming machine and low maintenance cost

After the purchased roll forming machine is in normal production, the later maintenance is relatively simple. It is mainly to check the easily loose parts and tighten them in time. One just adds lubricating oil regularly in some vulnerable areas that will cause friction. Besides, the maintenance cost for later use is very low.

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What Are the Advantages of Processing Products by ​Roll Forming Machine?
What Are the Advantages of Processing Products by ​Roll Forming Machine?
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