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Maintenance of ​Roll Forming Machine
Maintenance of ​Roll Forming Machine

Maintenance of ​Roll Forming Machine

Ⅰ. The working principle of the roll forming machine

The principle of roll forming is that several sets of rollers act on the steel strip through mechanics to gradually form the profile with the required cross-section. When the steel strip passes through a series of pre-designed rolls, the stress of the steel strip gradually reaches the yield point so as to obtain the final required cross-section profile.

For different cross-section profiles, it is necessary to design a corresponding roll forming machine to press the desired cross-section profile. The equipment manufacturer can design the corresponding roll according to the customer's drawings or samples. The rolls are installed on the rack, and the center point is adjusted to a straight line.

The rolls are rolled by the power provided by the motor, and the steel strip enters from the first roll, reaches the last roll and exits, and is cut to the desired length by the die. The work of the entire roll forming machine can be controlled by a simple circuit or by a programmable controller, so as to achieve automated production.

Ⅱ. How to maintain roll forming machine

The maintenance and maintenance of the roll forming machine is a crucial procedure in the production process. It should not be sloppy. It is related to the long-term stable operation of the roll forming machine. Frequent maintenance can reduce the frequency of machine failure. The following content introduces some knowledge about maintenance and maintenance.

1. Regularly check the looseness of the fixing screws of the roll forming machine

The place fixed with screws must be checked regularly, otherwise it will affect the accuracy of the roll forming machine equipment, or may cause damage.

For example, if the screws on the side plates are fixed to the rolls, if they are tightened when they become loose, the accuracy may change, and even if they are not a professional debugger, they will not be able to debug and return to normal.

2. Regularly add lubricating oil to the place where the roll forming machine is active

The places that need to add lubricating oil regularly are: gears, reducers, rolls, punching dies, cutters, cutter on-board, feeder spindles and so on.

3. Before the roll forming machine is turned on, clean up the equipment after it is turned on

Before and after starting the machine, the machine should be kept clean, free of foreign objects, and avoid falling onto the rolls and causing damage to the roll forming machine.

4. The start-up master of the roll forming machine needs to go through rigorous training

You need a dedicated person to start up, and you can't change people at will. Only someone can turn on the machine so that you can know the machine you are responsible for, and problems can be solved more easily. If the start-up master is not trained and unfamiliar with the start-up process, it may cause severe damage to the roll forming machine.

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Maintenance of ​Roll Forming Machine
Maintenance of ​Roll Forming Machine
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