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Solution and Debugging Method of the Distortion of Roll Forming Machine
Solution and Debugging Method of the Distortion of Roll Forming Machine

Solution and Debugging Method of the Distortion of Roll Forming Machine

When the roll forming machine is working, the section steel should be pushed between the two active rollers by the portal bracket of the auxiliary system, and then start the hydraulic system of the hydraulic cylinder drive dovetail groove and cold bending roller cold steel. Turn off the hydraulic system when the designed radian is reached, and then start the mechanical transmission system to drive steel slowly by the roller rotation and the friction, so as to realize continuous cold bending operation.

Ⅰ. The reasons of roll molding machine distortion:

1. Accurate calculation of neutral layer in deformation zone, accurate calculation of material in deformation zone, and good symmetry of roller processing.

2. Roll forming machine deformation area as far as possible under no pressure (such as the bottom of the slide), and assembly of the upper and lower roller in each area to keep the same clearance.

3. Guide bevel should be set according to the rolling state of the front track before biting material to make sure that the material in the rolling slip smoothly before stable compression.

4. Roll forming machine’s roller processing accuracy is the key. For this purpose, tools have been made that can be detected 20 times larger under the projector.

5. Roll molding machine main drive side. The use of roller cone bearing not only to ensure that the spindle radial runout in 0.04mm, but also to ensure that the spindle will not move. Ordinary ball bearing has clearance, so it can not avoid axial movement in the precise transmission.

6. Roll molding machine production bending distortion problem is mainly caused by the force imbalance. Unbalanced forces on the left and right will bend the left and right. When there is an imbalance between the forces on the top and the forces on the bottom, distortion occurs.

Ⅱ. Roll molding machine distortion solution:

1. Roll forming machine's design with force balance, accurate processing, easy installation and adjustment.

2. At the end of cold bending, close the transmission system of bending machine and start the hydraulic system, so that the hydraulic cylinder can be recovered. Place the cold formed steel on the portal bracket of the auxiliary system.

3. The cold bending machine operation, not only to ensure the strength of the material, but also to improve the quality of steel arch support, which greatly improves the efficiency and makes the operation steps are simple and easy to understand.

The choice of the embedded position of the roll molding machine is very important. It must be correct and firm according to the requirements of the size of the machine. The strength of the installation should also be achieved to allow the installation in order to ensure the safety of the operation of workers. General factory molding machine before leaving the factory have done the test, but in the process of long-distance transportation or long-term disuse, roll molding machine must be tested before use to determine the safety work.

Ⅲ. When the roll molding machine is distorted, the following debugging needs to be done:

1. You need to check whether the roll molding machine in the process of transportation is deformed or damaged, if you find it is deformed or damaged, you must be attention that it  can be used after maintenance.

2. The twisted main parts of the roll forming machine placed for a long time are likely to show signs of loosening and should be checked.

3. You should check whether the active parts of the roll forming machine need to add lubricating oil to prevent rust, or it can not be used normally.

4. You should also check whether the main engine and brake are sensitive when working and how fast they respond.

5. Before the roll molding machine is officially put into use, you must wipe the machine, and add lubricating oil in the moving part of the machine. All assembly relation parts should also be matched during installation.\

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Solution and Debugging Method of the Distortion of Roll Forming Machine
Solution and Debugging Method of the Distortion of Roll Forming Machine
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