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New Cable Tray Forming Equipment
New Cable Tray Forming Equipment

New Cable Tray Forming Equipment

BOSJ Roll Former Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is an outstanding manufacturer of roll forming machines in China. For many years, BOSJ has been engaged in the production of steel structure roofing and wall enclosure profiled steel plate equipment. At the same time, it is also committed to the research and development of various new products. From the initial single-layer corrugated board profile production line to now, BOSJ has developed and manufactured more than a dozen series of profiled steel sheet production lines, which can safely meet the needs of all steel structure buildings. For example, the series of bite-type wall and roofing production lines, the series of steel sandwich series with beams and columns, and the production equipment for non-beam and column arch roof systems.

We have a strong technical force, high-level management talents, strong production capacity, and perfect tracking quality inspection. Our quality management in the production process strictly implements the industry's high standards. In addition, we have become one of the strongest players in the domestic industry, with customers all over the country and our products are exported to Southeast Asia, South Africa, and other countries and regions.

BOSJ wholeheartedly cooperate with all domestic and foreign steel structure enterprises to provide manufacturers with sophisticated equipment and quality services. I hope we can make progress and develop together in cooperation and work together to further develop and expand China's steel structure industry. Next, please allow me to introduce the relevant information of a new type of cable tray roll forming machine of BOSJ to you.

Ⅰ. Machine molding process of cable tray roll forming equipment:

Uncoiling → leveling → pinching, punching → forming → sizing, cutting → receiving

Ⅱ. Overview of cable tray roll forming machine structure:

This production line can produce cable trays. Different specifications can be completed by changing the die. The roll bending machine adopts a combined adjustable type. A set of rolls completes all specifications of the tray products. The specification change is completed by adjusting the opening and rolls of the forming machine.

Ⅲ. Cable tray roll forming equipment performance:

1. Various specifications of cable tray can be rolled according to production needs.

2. Air pressure: 0-0.7MPa, 0.5M3/min.

4. Board material thickness: 1-2.0mm.

5. The length of cable tray is 3m, 6m, etc.

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New Cable Tray Forming Equipment
New Cable Tray Forming Equipment
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