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Roller Adjustment Methods of Roll Forming Machine
Roller Adjustment Methods of Roll Forming Machine

Roller Adjustment Methods of Roll Forming Machine

In the production process of roll forming products, the products produced are often defective. At this time, we need to adjust the rollers of the roll forming machine so that the center point of is adjusted back to a horizontal straight line.

Regarding the adjustment of the roller, it seems simple, but it needs to be debugged. It is not an easy task. It requires the debugger to have enough patience and a period of experience to debug the molding machine. Below, we will introduce some methods we summarized in the adjustment process for your reference. This method is basically applicable to all product variants of profile products such as product distortion, waves, or insufficient straightness and so on. These problems are generally roller running. It is caused by inconsistent or inconsistent gap between the upper and lower rollers.

Ⅰ. Preparation tools for roll forming machine debugging

Wrench, chalk, spacing gauge, flashlight, thin thread like fishing thread or sewing thread, mirror, cut a small piece of raw material that can pass through the roller. Besides, it must be the same thickness as the raw material required for the production of this machine.

Ⅱ. The core goal of roll forming machine adjustment

Adjust the center point of the lower roller back to a straight line, and the distance between the upper and lower rollers can just pass the pre-prepared raw materials.

Ⅲ. Reasons for product deformation of roll forming machine

1. The left-right distortion may be caused by a part of the roller running side-to-side, or because the left and right screws of the upper roller are loose, the side is high and the other is low.

2. Bending up and down: On all the rollers, there may be several sets of rollers with inconsistent up and down pressure, and it may be that the fixing screws of one or more sets of upper rollers are loose.

3. Wave products: Waves are usually caused by the deviation of the rollers of the roll forming machine, or the left and right pressures of a group of upper rollers are unbalanced, one side is pressed too tightly, and the other side is too loose.

4. Judgment of the cause of the problem is not absolute, and it is possible that the same problem can be twisted, bent, and waved. Therefore, specific analysis of specific problems is required, and long-term experience summaries are needed. The general debugging idea is to adjust the rollers back to a straight line, and the pressure on the upper and lower rollers is even.

Ⅳ. The adjustment methods of the roller of the roll forming machine

Preliminary adjustment method when the product deformation is not serious: In order to reduce the workload of debugging, when the deformation is not serious, you can first debug through a simple method, without having to pull out all the upper rollers. We can adjust according to the variant situation.

When up and down bends or waves are generated, we should first consider whether there is any set of rollers that is caused by uneven up and down pressure. At this time, we need to re-adjust a small piece of material prepared in advance and a group of rollers. We can pass a small piece of material through the roller first, and then evenly tighten the left and right sides of the upper roller, and then loosen half a turn or a turn. In fact, how much to loosen back depends on the actual situation and slowly summarize. After tightening or loosening, look at one side through a mirror and use a flashlight on the other side to judge whether the gap between the upper and lower rollers is reasonable.

When twisting left and right, or generating waves. We can consider whether the lower roller of the roll forming machine is running off the left and right. We can try this method. Put a long piece of material and go to the test machine. By means of inching, when the material head goes to the next set of rollers just about to enter, see if the material head can just align with the contour of the lower roller. Determine which set of wheels is running off the track.

However, in fact, this method is not very accurate because the material head has been deformed when the raw material passes through the previous rollers. Therefore, when using this method, one shall try to trim the material head as much as possible. This method is also just take a look at the situation and make a rough debugging.

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Roller Adjustment Methods of Roll Forming Machine
Roller Adjustment Methods of Roll Forming Machine
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