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Teach You How to Use Pipe Cutting Machine Correctly
Teach You How to Use Pipe Cutting Machine Correctly

Teach You How to Use Pipe Cutting Machine Correctly

1. Purpose:

In order to maintain the personal safety of the pipe cutting machines' operators and the normal use of the equipment, the operation of the pipe cutting machine should be standardized.

2. Scope of application:

This procedure is applicable to pipe cutting machine operation and new staff training.

3.Safety operation specification 

(1) Pipe cutting operators must be familiar with all button and switch functions of the equipment. This equipment is suitable for cutting galvanized iron pipes. Aluminum/copper pipes should not be used for cutting other materials.

(2) Before operation, operators should check whether the equipment and switches are sensitive and effective, and whether the protective devices are in good condition. The lubricating oil should be properly added to the rotating and clamping devices of the equipment. 

(3) Check whether the cooling water in the tank is sufficient, and if not, make up in time. 

(4) Put the tubing into the fixture, press the foot switch and clamp the material. Selection of speed gear according to material requirements (galvanized pipe selection of high-speed gear, copper/aluminum pipe selection of low-speed gear). 

(5) The downward pressure speed of the pipe cutting machines should not be adjusted too fast, otherwise it is easy to damage the saw blade and gearbox internal gear components.

(6) During operation, attention should be paid to whether the clamping device is loose or not, and the hand should not touch the tail-wagging saw blade.

(7) If any abnormality is found during the operation, the power supply shall be cut off immediately, and the relevant department personnel shall be notified to carry out maintenance and inspection, and the operation may continue until the failure has been eliminated. 

(8) After the work, remember to cut off the power supply of the equipment, remove the debris, clean the fuselage, and clean the surrounding environment.

(9) Operators shall wear labor articles in accordance with the regulations while operating. Female workers shall not use the equipment with hair down.

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Teach You How to Use Pipe Cutting Machine Correctly
Teach You How to Use Pipe Cutting Machine Correctly
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