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Risk Factors for Buying Used Roll Forming Machine
Risk Factors for Buying Used Roll Forming Machine

Risk Factors for Buying Used Roll Forming Machine

Roll forming machines are used in a wide range of industries, so second-hand forming machines are often seen in circulation in the market. There are some buyers who choose to buy used molding machines in order to save money. If you can buy a good one, of course, you can save a lot of money.

However, if you buy a faulty device, it may cost more than buying a new one. And even when you get the device, it cannot be used and scrapped directly. Next, we list some risk factors for buying a second-hand roll forming machine for your reference.

1. The rolling wheel of the roll forming machine has a low processing accuracy or an unreasonable design

The rolling wheel is the core component of the entire roll forming machine. Whether the produced profiles are qualified or not depends on whether the machining accuracy and design of the rolling wheel are reasonable. Therefore, when buyers want to buy second-hand rolling equipment, they must bring enough raw materials to test the machine. The produced products must be strictly measured, including the dimensional accuracy of the section, the straightness of the entire finished product, the degree of assembly fit and so on.

If the product measured by the equipment is unqualified, it is necessary to consider whether the precision of the rolling wheel is not high during processing, or the design is unreasonable, or it is not well debugged. If the product is unqualified due to processing accuracy or unreasonable design factors, it is recommended not to buy it.

Why? Because after you buy it, you need to modify or redesign a set of rolling wheels. This is very troublesome and requires very professional personnel to complete the modification or design, and there are very few roll forming machine wheel design talents in this industry.

2. The PLC of the roll forming machine or the equipment with circuit failure is at risk

It is also quite complicated to repair the roll forming equipment with PLC failure or circuit problems. If it is a simple circuit or a simple PLC program, it is relatively easy to repair. However, if the entire production line needs to go through complex production processes and PLC programs with multiple actions, it is quite difficult to repair it. Of course, it's easy if it only needs to write programs and it's easy to find people to write programs.

However, you have to consider that you need to cooperate with the circuit and production process of your equipment after writing, and you also need to debug on site. After the debugging is completed, there will be later problems. And you still need to improve it. These are all very long processes. Not to mention wasting high maintenance costs, it also delays production time, affects supply and makes customers leave.

3. Without the after-sales support, it is not conducive to the later use of the roll forming machine 

When we want to buy second-hand equipment, we should consult the seller for the basic information of the manufacturer of the equipment so as to facilitate future technical support. It is best if the original manufacturer can provide technical support, including the replacement of some accessories in the future. It is best to have the support of the original manufacturer because many accessories are non-standard parts, it is much more convenient to buy directly from the original manufacturer. If there is no basic information of the original manufacturer, when the equipment fails, it will be more troublesome to deal with.

From the above analysis, we can know the possible risks of buying a second-hand roll forming machine. If you don't have the confidence to operate well or have no absolute advantage in price, it is not recommended to buy second-hand roll forming equipment. Because once there is a serious failure, it is more difficult to repair and all the costs are even more than the cost of purchasing a new machine. And it also delays production, which is not worth the loss.

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Risk Factors for Buying Used Roll Forming Machine
Risk Factors for Buying Used Roll Forming Machine
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