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Standard Configuration of Corrugated Roll Former
Standard Configuration of Corrugated Roll Former

Standard Configuration of Corrugated Roll Former

Corrugated roof is one of the most common metal roof products in the world. Its trademark image, sine wave, has been recognized in every continent. The versatility of metal profiles has been used in commercial buildings, building applications and residential applications.

Common uses of corrugated metal roofs manufactured by corrugated roll former

1. Building walls, such as warehouses, factory facilities, portable offices

2. Vehicle harbor roof, garage and garden shed

3. Developing Roof and Wall Facilities for Low Cost Housing

4. Architectural details

Benefits of Corrugated Roll Forming

The main reason for the popularity of corrugated roll former as a metal roof material is its relatively low cost. Metal roofs offer cheaper alternatives and longer service life than other roof materials. Rolled corrugated steel roof construction suppliers can achieve significant cost-effectiveness over metal stamping costs. Once equipped, corrugated roll former can produce the roof plate at high speed with 24/7 running time table. Material processing automation manufacturers can further improve production throughput and see increased profits for each part.

Multiple profiles conveyed with floating (Cassette) tools increase flexibility

Although the contours of the corrugated plates are almost always the same, there are some changes in the sinusoidal wave of the trademark. In order to produce these different profiles, new roll dies are needed. In particular, corrugated plates have many separate roll tools for each profile. When you consider the number of volumes that must be changed and the setting time of the recalibration line, the cost of switching from one contour shape to another is very expensive. Each profile has a separate raft, which can reduce turnaround time, set up costs and improve the quality of parts.

Standard components in corrugated plate rolling production line

The most common settings for rolling metal sheets into roof panels include the following components:

Coil car



Cold Rolling Forming Mill

Cut-off press (optional flying shear press)

Panel stacker

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Standard Configuration of Corrugated Roll Former
Standard Configuration of Corrugated Roll Former
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