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Industrial Use of Roll Forming Machine
Industrial Use of Roll Forming Machine

Industrial Use of Roll Forming Machine


Are you making automobile parts? The high-speed production line can reduce the cost of each part while improving the quality of parts. Common chassis components, seat rails to bumpers are ideal for cold forming. Ideal matching of this complex process.


Forming and bending heavy steel plates require special knowledge and design to achieve repeatable results. Understand how leading manufacturers behave correctly.

Stud and the track

The steel industry relies on high-capacity machinery capable of exporting complete studs and track bundles. Roll forming machine is the preferred equipment in this industry.


Many purlin profiles are used in the buildings and construction industries. Common C pur strips and Z pur strips are usually made with the same equipment and can include incisions.


The household appliances sector produces a large number of products that use steel exterior and frame structures and require complex bending and folding.

Customization is often used to implement these designs.

Goods shelves

Commercial and residential shelf and shelf manufacturers benefit from the use of cold forming equipment by increasing capacity, quality and reducing part costs.

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Industrial Use of Roll Forming Machine
Industrial Use of Roll Forming Machine
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