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Precautions for Purlin Machine
Precautions for Purlin Machine

Precautions for Purlin Machine

Here are some basic design specifications for purlin products made by purlin machine for sale:

1. The molded strip can be designed into single span simple support structural units and continuous ones.

2. The lattice structural unit is preferred for a span more than 9 meters with a double-checked stability of the compression flange.

3. Purlins for lattice structural unit can be plane girder, space girder or down supported.

4. The solid-web purlin is preferred to be lipped channel, inclined hem for cold-formed thin-walled steel and straight hem for Z cold-formed thin-walled steel.

Notes for purlin machine in use:

1. Keep the electrical cabinet, the junction box and the operating platform of a working purlin machine in cover in case of dust.

2. Check and tighten pipe fittings regularly for any loosen-caused leaks.

3. Be sure of a sufficient air-pressured accumulator and a normal capsule. The otherwise needs timely solutions.

4. A stable working voltage must be stable and no more than the rated fluctuation range of 5%-10%.

5. No replacement of any hydraulic components are allowed. A failure asks for a prompt analysis and a professional repair by the technical personnel to be eliminated. It's prohibited to let a faulted machine be in use in case of any major accidents.

In the practical operation, the kind of purlin products in want are determined by the condition analysis of the building construction. Bosj has purlin machine for sale. Any consultation is welcomed.

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Precautions for Purlin Machine
Precautions for Purlin Machine
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