What are the design and manufacturing characteristics of cold bending machines?

1.By adjusting the average stress of each pass of the cold rolling forming machine, the average stress of the rolling mill was increased, the damage balance of the rolling mill was improved, and the service life of the rolling mill was extended.
1.The use of C12MoV raw material for rolling is based on its wear resistance, but the actual compressive strength is different, and C12MoV must be used for quenching and tempering. After heat treatment, two or even three quenching cycles can achieve strength.
3. The arc position of the track is a key part of the slide rail. The first few formed arc positions are processed during the first pass of rolling and folding, and the formed arc is properly maintained based on the left and right rollers or horizontal wheels. Otherwise, the arc position of the raw material will change throughout the stretching process, R will shrink into a triangle, and the rigid beads will not last. Two point contact will cause noise. When R is added, the cooperating rails will cause shaking, and the motion track of the slide rail will be blurred and uneven during use, causing deformation of the slide rail and reducing the service life of the cold bending forming equipment.
4. The stability of kneading molding is relatively difficult. In the production and manufacturing of cold rolling forming equipment, it is common to encounter the problem of raw materials swinging up and down in the raceway. In fact, a single set of rollers is different. The force on the left is greater, and the raw materials are biased towards the right. Apply greater force to the right side and deflect the raw material to the left.

The accuracy of roller production and processing is very important. Therefore, the production tools were magnified under many projectors for inspection.
In terms of the main transmission system, roller bearings and tapered rolling bearings are used to ensure that the axial vibration of the main shaft bearings is within 0.04mm and that the main shaft bearings are not easily swayed up and down. In general, there are gaps in the ball bearings themselves, which is unavoidable radial shaking in the transmission system.

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