Photovoltaic Bracket C-Shaped Steel Roll Forming Production Line

Production Line Layout

Solar Struct Roll Forming Machine

Solar Struct Roll Forming Machine
Solar Struct Cold Roll Forming Machine
Solar Struct Roll Forming Production line

Solar Struct Roll Forming Machine Technical parameter

Raw material specifications Steel Type Cold strip, hot strip, galvanized steel strip
Strength(MPa) <=350(MPa)
Thickness 1.5-3(mm)
Coil inner diameter 50(mm)
Weight 5(T)
Sheet Width 100-320(mm)
Production Line Speed 25(m/min)
Roller Material GCr15, Quenched
Roller Driving Mode Gear Box Transmission
Operational Program Windows2000
Total Motor Power About 65KW
Control System PLC automatic control system
Dimension(L*W*H) 40*3.5*1.7(m)

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