What are the specifications of cold formed profiles?

The specifications of cold-formed profiles can be customized according to different application scenarios and needs. The following are some common specifications:

    • Lightweight cold-formed profiles: thin in thickness, usually between 2-3mm, mainly used in lightweight structures, decoration and other fields.
    • Medium sized cold-formed profiles: with a thickness between 3-6mm, mainly used in fields such as construction, machinery, and automobiles.
    • Heavy duty cold-formed profiles: with a large thickness, usually between 6-10mm, mainly used in heavy structures, bridges, ships and other fields.

In addition to thickness, the specifications of cold-formed profiles can also be customized based on the shape, size, edge treatment, etc. of the cross-section. For example, common cold formed profiles include C-shaped steel, Z-shaped steel, U-shaped steel, L-shaped steel, etc. Each shape has different application scenarios and advantages.

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