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Bottom Plate of Stereo Garage
Bottom Plate of Stereo Garage

Bottom Plate of Stereo Garage

The bottom plate of stereo garage, also known as mechanical parking equipment and mechanical three-dimensional parking garage, is a general term for various non-planar parking vehicles. Specifically, it is the mechanical or mechanical equipment system used to maximize access to the storage vehicle. The mechanical three-dimensional parking garage is a parking device that uses steel structure as the main frame, with lifting and traversing devices, and control system. 

It is an effective way to solve the actual parking problem, guiding the parking to space development and promoting parking. Built to space and underground. Because the bottom plate of stereo garage has many advantages such as small footprint and high space utilization, it can effectively alleviate the current situation of urban parking difficulties. It represents the inevitable trend of the development of modern parking garages.

The bottom plate of stereo garage has high-tech and intelligent management:

  • The application of the IC card in the stereo garage does not need to be touched, and the operation is more convenient;

  • The bottom plate of stereo garage system has stable structure and fast transmission speed;

  • Accurately distinguish between own vehicles, foreign vehicles and special vehicles;

  • The unique license plate number entry and display system greatly improves the anti-theft measures of the parking lot;

  • Collect parking fees and other related expenses in a timely manner to increase revenue; 

  • collect parking fees for long-term customers in advance;

  • Preventing fee-paying personnel from engaging in malpractices and arbitrary charges; 

  • preventing the occurrence of refusal to pay parking fees;

  • The system can realize manual control and computer automatic control in two ways;

  • The anti-smashing device ensures that the vehicle will not fall under the brake bar, whether it is an approaching vehicle or a reversing vehicle;

The charging standard can be loaded at any time and in any amount, breaking through the unchanging charging standard format of similar products and operating on-site.

Therefore, the safety performance of the bottom plate of stereo garage is still very high.

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Bottom Plate of Stereo Garage
Bottom Plate of Stereo Garage
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