How should the cold bending machine be maintained on a daily basis?

With the gradual development of industrial technology in China, there are currently three types of cold bending machines: hydraulic I-beam cold bending machines, CNC I-beam cold bending machines, and electric I-beam cold bending machines. Therefore, there are also various types of cold bending profile forming machines.

As a long-term bending machine for large steel, cold bending machines are also prone to aging and malfunctions. So, how should the cold bending forming machine be maintained? Oh my god, the Senhai cold bending manufacturer is here to talk to everyone!

  • 1. Before using the cold bending machine, it is necessary to first conduct a no-load trial, understand the various operating buttons and limiting techniques.
  • 2. Before using the cold bending machine, check the lubrication of each component and add oil in a timely manner if necessary.
  • 3. Carefully understand the user manual of the cold bending machine and strictly follow the instructions for use.
  • 4. Clean up residues in a timely manner during the use of the cold bending machine to avoid affecting its usage.



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